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Real Skate Fest

🛹🌊Get ready to shred at Pacific Breeze: Real Skate Fest and mark your calendars for June 15-16, 2024, in Brgy. Lubayat and Brgy. Pandan, Real, Quezon. This is the 1st Ultimate Skate Fest presented to you by the Local Government Unit of Real, Quezon in cooperation with Real Boardriding Association.
Join us for an adrenaline-packed weekend featuring:
📌Longboard Slide Jam
📌Surfskate Bowl Jam
📌Street Course Competition
Sponsorship opportunities await! Reach out to us at to learn how your brand can partner with us for the upcoming skate event.
Don’t miss your chance to shine on the pavement! Registration for the upcoming skate event is now open. Secure your spot and get ready to show off your skills. Register now thru this link!…/1FAIpQLScIMWcEboC…/viewform…