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Paskong Quezonian Christmas Chorale Contest 2023

Calling all Quezonians!
Paskong Quezonian
Feel and sing the sound of Christmas this 2023!
Who are eligible to join?
Open category: may represent a school, parish, district, company, agency, or interested group.
How to Join?
Register thru upload a letter of endorsement from their respective Municipal/City Tourism Office and an affidavit that all choir members are Quezonians including the conductor and the accompanist on or before November 14, 2023. All registration outside the link will be not entertained.
Only 20 groups will qualify for the elimination round. And shall be announce on November 15, 2022 via the Tourism Quezon Province Facebook Page.
Choir/Group requirement:
The choir should have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 25 members. (Inclusive of 1 Conductor and 1 Accompanist)
The choir members must be all Quezonians and shall perform in one group only.
Flow of competition:
The competition will be undertaken in 2 phases:
Phase 1
Elimination Round Batch 1 (odd numbers on the link registration) is on December 1, 2023, Friday, 6:00pm at Paskong Quezonian Stage, Capitol Compound.
Elimination Round Batch 2 (even numbers on the link registration) is on December 8, 2023, Friday, 6:00pm at Paskong Quezonian Stage, Capitol Compound.
Each choir is given 6-10 minutes performance time and shall sing 2 Christmas songs of their choice.
o Three (3) chorale group from Batch 1 and 2 will be selected and announced as finalist.
o Finalists will be required to submit their group photo to be used in Grand finalists’ promotional poster on or before December 11, 2023.
The Top 6 finalists (top 3 from batch 1/top 3 from batch 2) will perform live at the Paskong Quezonian Stage on December 16, 2023, Saturday, 6:00pm.
For the Grand Finals competition proper, each choir is required to sing two Christmas songs within 10 minutes. The two songs shall be: (1) an upbeat Christmas song and (2) an OPM/ Filipino Christmas song.
Music requirements:
Accompaniment is limited to one acoustic instrument only – either piano, guitar, or any other instrument.
Use of any electronic instrument or recorded accompaniment is not allowed.
General rules:
All expenses and incidental costs incurred related to the registration in the competition shall be borne by the participating group.
All songs must be sung from memory throughout the performance. Only the Conductor and Accompanist are allowed to use music sheets.
Hand-held props are allowed but not required.
Additional guidelines will be provided as needed.
The organizer have the right to use the recorded videos/audios in this competition to future activities or in any reference.
Ranking System shall be used in determining the winners of this competition.
The judges’ decisions will be final and irrevocable.
GRAND WINNER Php 75,000.00
1ST Runner-up 60,000.00
2nd Runner-up 50,000.00
3rd Runner-up 40,000.00
4th Runner-up 30,000.00
5th Runner-up 20,000.00
14 Consolations 10,000.00
Criteria for Judging (Elimination and Finals)
1. VOCAL (50%)
Vocal Technique – Tone Quality, Breath Support, Intonation, Diction and Articulation
Rhythm & Tempo – Voice in relation to music
Timing – Coordination of singers in their performance in regards to syncing of vocals and interaction on stage. Harmony – Arrangement, execution, difficulty and creativity.
Performance – Interpretation of the meaning and mood of the song
Match – Voices and personalities matched to the song being performed. Chemistry – Coordination
Show Design – Music selection, effective use of stage and performance area, outfit and style
Entertainment Value – The audience’s and judges’ reaction to the overall performance
Choreography – How well the group is able to use the stage and each other to create a show.