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KAPEHAN SA TURISMO: Huntahan Patungkol sa Turismo

Today, the Tourism Section conducted “KAPEHAN SA TURISMO: Huntahan Patungkol sa Turismo”, with the Balsahero Association, Realeno Surfing Association, and MTCR Private Tourism Sector Officers. The organizations discussed important issues and concerns. The implementation of the Tourism User’s Fee is highlighted as a crucial step towards sustaining and enhancing tourism initiatives. Achieving DOT Accreditation is also emphasized as a way to showcase the organization’s commitment to quality and professionalism in the industry. The organization’s active participation in local government units and various tourism events is noted as a way to promote local destinations. Capacity building and development efforts are also discussed as part of the organization’s dedication to fostering growth. Lastly, proposed programs and projects are unveiled, offering a glimpse into an exciting future for the organization and for the continuous growth of the local tourism industry.