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We’re few days away before the most awaited GEN Y and Z Night: Foam Party. Are you guys excited?
But before that, please be reminded of the guidelines below:
1. The GEN Z and Y Foam Party is FREE Registration to ALL.
Pre-Registration Link:
2. Gates will open at 6:00 pm. The party will start around 7:00 pm on June 19, 2023.
3. At the entrance gates, everyone is enjoined to form their lines orderly to ensure smooth entry to the venue. For PWDs, please approach the registration personnel to be prioritized.
4. Backpacks, shoulder bags, tote bags, or any large bags are strictly prohibited. Participants are advised not to bring their valuable items however, if there is a need to do such, kindly secure it in a handy pouch.
5. Do not leave your things unattended. The organizers will not be held liable/accountable for any lost items.
6. Mobile gadgets or phones, and DSLR cameras will be permitted for documentation purposes provided that it is secured from external elements (like water, foam or bubbles, etc.).
7. Participants are advised to wear any of the following: White top shirt or Dress.
8. Further, the participants are REQUIRED to bring their IDs, and this will be checked at the entrance points of the venue.
9. The following are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:
*Alcoholic drinks
* flasks or any type of opaque water bottles (labels will be removed for plastic mineral bottles and this will further be inspected at the entrance gate)
* any smoking materials such as vape and cigarette
* knife, blade or any other dangerous or deadly weapon
* illegal possession or use of prohibited drugs or chemicals
11. To ensure the safety of the participants, please look after one other. If you see anything suspicious, kindly inform the Organizer present, staff and policemen on duty for prompt action. There will also standby medics manned by MDRRM, BFP and Emergency Volunteers stationed at the venue for medical emergencies.
12. CLEAN AS YOU GO. Participants are encouraged to practice proper disposal of trash.
13. Everyone is expected to exhibit good and proper behavior before, during, and after the event.
14. Minors and below 18 years old are required to bring Parent Consent Form.
Failure to abide by these guidelines shall result in prohibition of entering the venue.
The information provided here is specifically intended for individuals attending the GEN Y & Z Night Foam Party.