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Weather Forecast

Gale Warning # 108 Issued at: 5:00 AM today, 21 January 2023

Strong to gale force winds associated with the northeast monsoon
SEABOARD: The eastern seaboard of southern luzon (Northern Quezon [general Nakar] Including The Northern And Eastern Coasts Of Polillo Islands [the Northern Coast Of Panukulan, Burdeos, The Eastern Coast Of Patnanungan, And Jomalig].
WEATHER: Cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms
WIND FORCE (kph/knots): (45 – 63) / (24 -34)
SEA CONDITION: rough to very rough
WAVE HEIGHT (meter): 2.8 – 4.5
Fishing boats and other small seacraft are advised not to venture out into the sea while larger sea vessels are alerted against big waves.
The next update will be issued at 5:00 pm today.