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Digital Poster Competition!

National Heritage Month 2023 opens with a DIGITAL POSTER COMPETITION!
We are now calling for entries to the Digital Poster Competition!
Open to all Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines aged 18-25 years old at the time of application.
The poster shall be a visualization of the NHM 2023 theme, “Heritage: Change and Continuity” and must adhere to the objectives of the NHM celebration.
Register and submit your entries through this link:
Please see the complete guidelines through this link:
Please see the downloadable files through this link:
Deadline of submissions is on Monday, 13 February 2023.
This coming 2023, the National Heritage Month banners with the theme Heritage: Change and Continuity that highlights the dynamic nature of heritage as a field that continuously innovates so it can achieve its objective of preserving products of human creativity.
The theme will highlight the four (4) sub themes namely:
1. sustainable heritage management: the practice of managing change and risk in heritage and maximizing its social, cultural and economic benefits for the current and future generations;
2. heritage science: an interdisciplinary domain of study involving the use of innovative and creative interventions in the understanding, conservation, and use of heritage;
3. intangible cultural heritage-intergenerational transmission and the provision of a sense of identity across time, where transmission relies upon constant re-creation in the present context; and
4. urban heritage- the conservation of urban heritage in the context of managing urban growth and change in twenty-first century cities.
The objectives of the celebration is to:
– To highlight the potential of cultural heritage and cultural properties in enhancing social capital, boosting economic growth, and securing environmental sustainability
– To showcase the benefits, impacts, and growth opportunities produced by heritage science research and innovation
– To promote advocacies and encourage participation in programs that safeguard intangible cultural heritage and the conservation of urban heritage
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