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5 Days Left! Join Us for the Pacific Breeze: Real, Quezon Skate Fest!🛹

Presented to you by the Local Government Unit of Real, Quezon in cooperation with Real Boardriding Association.
Be part of the action! Register now for Pacific Breeze: Real Skate Fest in Brgy. Lubayat and Brgy. Pandan, Real, Quezon. Presented to you by the Local Government Unit of Real, Quezon and Real Boardriding Association.
When: June 15-16, 2024
Where: Brgy. Pandan and Brgy. Lubayat, Real Quezon
Time: 7:00 am (Registration of Athlete)
🛹Longboard Slide Jam
🛹Surfskate Bowl Jam
🛹Street Course Competition
Groove to the Live Music By: Tarsius and Onin Musika
DJ Sets By: Anjo and Jigga Who
Lubayat National High School will serve as the Athletes Village, offering free lodging options for participants. Remember to bring your sleeping bag.
Shuttle service from F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, (Emerald Avenue) San Antonio, Pasig to Real on June 15, 2024, at 12:00 am for the first 32 participants. Reserve your spot!
Don’t Miss Out! Registration Closes June 14!
Skaters, click to register! 👇👇👇…/1FAIpQLScIMWcEboC…/viewform…
Heartfelt thanks to:
Major Sponsors
@Tata Fredo
@Okeanus Beach 21 Resort
@Kick Engines Skate Shop
@Per Fumus Collective
@Camp Fury13
@The Mangrove Tree Boutique Beach Resort & Food Park
@The Hungry Bar – Lubayat Real Quezon
@Abdel Elecho Productions
@Ossy Bay View Cottages Real, Quezon
@Coral Rocks Cottages
@JECC Cottages
@Glamper Grove- Real, Quezon
@Lola Anda’s